AERD might be more severe in women

Stevens and colleagues recently published the results of their study in AERD. They report that women had more severe disease, more likely to have asthma, and more likely to have needed oral steroids. Stevens WW et al. Immune Inflamm Dis 2015

Results of a new aspirin treatment study

Researchers in Iran recently announced the results of their study evaluating aspirin therapy in AERD. This is one of the few studies done in AERD that included a placebo group. Placebo studies in AERD are quite difficult for a variety of reasons. This study demonstrates that aspirin therapy led to improvement in symptoms, sinus CAT

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Alcohol reactions are common in AERD

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Scripps Clinic in San Diego determined that allergic reactions to alcohol are very common in AERD. Approximately ¾ of patients with AERD have nasal allergy symptoms when drinking alcohol. These reactions can occur with any alcohol, usually happen with small amounts of alcohol and in many

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AERD is more common than you think!

Researchers at Scripps Clinic recently analyzed all of the medical reports on how often AERD occurs in patients with asthma and patients with sinus disease.  This study combined the results of many studies done around the world and concluded that approximately 7% of all asthmatics likely have AERD.  Nearly 10% of patients with chronic rhino

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