Nasal Irrigation

Nasal Irrigation is at first attempt, slightly more pleasurable than drowning.  It is a bizarre sensation to have a fairly large volume of water enter your nasal passage.  But it really can be a great treatment for most patients with AERD.  The idea behind it is that there is a lot of thick mucus that accumulates on itself over time and can end up blocking the sinus passages.  This makes it easer for there to be an infection and the mucus can harbor infection.  Using the saline rinses can really help to disrupt the accumulating mucus.  It also is a natural decongestant so there can be some immediate benefit to using it.  There is no medicine in it, and as long as a sterile water source is used, it is harmless.

Many physicians will combine the irrigation with some other medications that can be used.  The idea is that while instilling the rinses, you can simultaneously deliver drugs to the sinuses.  It is often a steroid that is used with this, but sometimes antibiotics or other chemicals might be recommended depending on the circumstances.